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  2. I tried using a different trigger, but I couldn't change the value "DegradationMax". What am I doing wrong? <append xpath="/items/item[@name='gunHandgunT1Pistol']/effect_group[@name='gunHandgunT1Pistol']"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfAimingGunStart" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="DegradationMax" operation="perc_add" value="1"/> </append>
  3. Sounds like a season of sy fy specials and we all know how they turn out!
  4. I'm so sorry, I forgot to rename guns names in item_modifiers.xml
  5. when i try to load .emip file it says "unable to open file in read mode". do you know how to fix it?
  6. CSMM 1.19.2 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.19.2
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  8. I can see myself playing the game only with pipe weapons. And bare fists. And dying a lot. Like in previous alphas. (Anyone remembers the movie The Gamers: Dorkness Rising? Because I'm the bard!)
  9. Bloodmoons have a max total of zombies for the night based on your game stage that cannot be changed by the player. All that you can change is how many will be in each wave but once the total is reached the bloodmoon is over. So increasing the wave sizes may actually make the bloodmoon shorter if your able to quickly kill all of the zombies in the waves. Edit for example if your game stage says 100 zombies will attack at default you will get 12.5 waves of 8 zombies. But if set to the max of 64 it will only be one and under a half waves.
  10. Cant wait to check this mod out.Will it be compatible with Nitrogen?
  11. @ Ansalem Don't know if this will work but since your looking anyways, go into Mods folder in 0-SphereIICore, then into Config, then Blocks.xml, Open Blocks.xml, look for property class="AdvancedUI" , under it will be <property name="UnlockEnemyHealthBar" value="false" /> Set the false to true, no guarantees this will work and Jax probably has it set to off for a reason, besides it being annoying IMO
  12. I never used god mod, but bug bleeding xp was here. I will try for the CopyFrom, if I understand it's not with me, it's a known bug and i can resolve it with "Go to the POI you got that error at, enter dbs into the console, press OK. Upload that screenshot" ? To be sure it's not my computer, i maybe must renitialite my windows.
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  16. I think he asked for DF for A19.1, and there was of course a version? I put it in google drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kPE7St_eqFFeS6-Zp2-qOP9iXCQsFOBu/view?usp=sharing I had to zip it again as I deleted the original archive, so if I were you, I would double check it for malware. @KhaineGB, if there is a reason not to share this old version tell me pls and I will delete it.
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  21. Im not really fond of removing repair altogether but i can see how it could balance a lot of things. I have 2 suggestions what would fit the game and would be balanced: First repair by hand is only possible with repair packs but repair packs are now rare and expensive items.(stone tools excluded) Seriously we dont need them raining down on us. Change the recipe to be fitting the desired economy like: 10 Forged Iron, 20 Oil, 10 Ductape, 50 Mechanical and Electrical Parts, Claw Hammer, Wrench Duke cost up to 8000 per piece This would make making them an expensive choice to make for early and midgame players and a moderately high one for endgame folks. After this setting the droprate to 1 with 2% chance would make sure that its rare to actually find one. The second one is that repair without kit is only possible at a workbench. Stone tools excluded but everything the game has now costs their specific parts to be repaired with either forged iron or forged steel. Every tier like in crafting increases the base costs of reparing. For example T4 M60: 40 Machine gun parts (10 at T1 and +10/tier) + 8 Forged Steel (2 at T1 and +2/tier) This would make sure that most players cant stockpile up weapon parts too because they are consumed for repairs and due to being only avaible at a workbench the player can only really repair in their homebases.
  22. I think this is why a lot of people just play dead is dead now. Sometimes dead is better! I'd like to know this too! My ditsy lil brain tells me that each tree has a percent chance to give honey once you have the book lol. I don't have a brain for math, it's quite beyond my comprehension lmao. 😅 Ohh. that makes sense. I should have read down lower before writing my quote thingie for @MechanicalLens
  23. Just an idea but if you have a spare map, you could just pop into creative mode and replicate the structure. I myself have lost the top of the decorative radio tower at the red mesa poi when i painted the lowest part purple. It doesnt make sense but im gonna try to experiment with it.
  24. @faatal How is the water going any tidbits that you are willing to share with us or are we going to have to wait for the live stream?
  25. The reason is - have you ever ran downhill? It's like a constant struggle NOT to lawndart your head into the hillside. I'm sure the survivor in this game is being...cautious.
  26. I'd like to know more about the interaction of the game stage with total zombies in blood moon and how it is determined how long the waves will continue to come. At my lower game stages the waves stop well before the end of the regular blood moon. I read another thread on it and it doesn't seem to make sense why that is the case.... Regardless what that may be....the "endless horde" is a failure for two reasons. 1) Can only make the night last 12 hours. 2) Blood moon seems to still end around 0400, and normal night continues until 10:00 hours. But it still THINKS there's a blood moon, or so it seems, because no regular zombies spawn. Needless to say, the setting of 120min days and 12game-hour nights seemed to be rather broken...
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