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  2. I have played around with the swap file size. I will clear some more space on the SSD, but 10GB should be more than enough. Windows typically use up to 2GB for swap, iirc.
  3. So I managed to wake up a z and it started walking towards me and I noticed there was a mine between me and it so I actually maneuvered just a little bit behind it and far enough away that I wouldn't be hurt when she set it off. It was a very tense moment, she started to go around it. "Don't know sweetie, go the other way" Being a brainless mindless mostly lifeless attack monkey, she did just that. There were other minds perhaps a foot apart for the one she stepped on, it should have set those off and killed me anyway. More importantly it should have woke up the whole building and I would have been in a bad situation because I didn't have much room to maneuver.
  4. Nah. Might do in the future, but haven't been doing that for DF.
  5. uhm... he's in florida, you sure about that?
  6. I'm not the best PC technician in the world. I'm not stating this is your problem. VM allocation errors could mean your disk is full. How much free disk space to you have? If you have more than one it's the disc that has the system swapfile on it that is probably going to be the desk that has your operating system on it. What is your operating system? Windows 10 dynamically adjust size of the swap file whereas in Windows 7 that was manually set. Perhaps you need to make it bigger. I used to know how to do that but I have forgotten after I switch to Windows 10.
  7. Cool. Thank you for your input. I was very close to that as well! Do you play one life and game over?
  8. Might be a 1:1,000,000 odds but what is the chance 7DTD could show up on Google Stadia? I know its a big jump but if made it could open up to a lot of new people who don't have the hardware to run the game. Think about being a DEV and sitting in an Airport and seeing someone fighting a bloodmoon before a flight? Or do you have a friend who has that crummy chrome book because that is all they can afford to buy jumping on a server to help you rebuild your base. Its just a thought...
  9. I also liked the dark nights and having to get some gear to stroll around at night. But I get TFP's decision. What I don't like at all is the indoors brightness shift. This feels so unnatural. Some houses have some open parts to them and the brightness keeps jumping back and forth. Also if are near the entrance and step in and out frequently, it just feels so bad how I can't see something I just saw because the screen dims itself. I would much rather have a fixed light level at night. Does the moon actually shed light? Could it be darker inside because it shadows the moon? (I'm away for the weekend and I don't remember how it actually is)
  10. I actually heard your frontal lobe grow a bit from that response, keep it up, and let Darwin take the wheel (Jesus not born yet, oh, @%$*#!, Darwin neither, uh... maybe skip the wheel part.) @%$*#!, may have lost a few neurons on all this, getting old sucks. Yes, agree and I try to keep mentioning that I *personally* like and prefer Navezgane myself, for very similar reasons. I am more trying to figure out why so many others don't, especially after playing RWG by comparison, it can be VERY difficult talking those people into a Nav game ever again after that. I have tried on many occasions, works maybe half the time, and always takes a lot of convincing when it does.
  11. One reason I like the Navezgane world because its handcrafted and POIs, streets and roads are placed in more immersive locations. It's actually nice that then towns/cities are not super dense as it encourages further exploration of the map.
  12. Always go into stealth mode before you use the primitive bow. If you hit them and they run at you done the most damage you're going to do with the bow and you can frequently finish them off with one hit of your club when they get to you. Deer are going to run away. I think I was one shotting the does with the primitive bow in stealth. I'd have to shoot the bucks then sneak up on him again and shoot him a second time.
  13. Aw, you'll make it outta the stone age, I believes in you.
  14. by now you should by know im not the sharpest tool in Working stiff!
  15. I think you missed the "don't" in "please don't tell me"... Plus, I know about that one, am talking about the smaller sattelite one that used to be in one spot since forever and is not now... I even know what it looks like from a dif video, but have yet to find it... but again... "don't", as in " D-O" and "N-O-T", together, as one idea, one course of action, which is to not do the thing.
  16. I think most of us get the reasoning but having a higher contrast between day and night would be an improvement. When you can see just as far and still able to make out colors at night, it is weird. It feels more like it is a highly overcast day instead. All you need to do is tone down things at night and will make a huge improvement.
  17. That's because some people think their way is the gold standard and everyone should do it their way otherwise they are doing it wrong...😅
  18. I have a issue currently, The inventory for the storage chest nad storage boxes overlap my player inventory, i cannot find a way to fix this, the storage box covoers a third of my inventory making it tedious to move things out of it. the chests do the same to a lesser extent, i can still access all of my inventory ,just barely though. I have a picture of the storage box issue
  19. I personally leave loot at 100%. 100 zombies, leave animals as default, bloodmoon every 7 days, 60 min days, warrior difficulty, air drops every 3 and I usually leave the marker on.
  20. 2 are in departure One is in a rule neighborhood in the east 1 in perishton there is one more but i don't know where!
  21. You had me at "door overhaul". Can't wait, one question though... WHY did you guys not do this early in the POI overhaul schedule. I honestly expected it to be in this Alpha because of all the new commercial POIs, frankly shocked it isn't, if ever there were a ripe opportunity you done missed it and are going to have to replace even more doors and overhaul all these awesome new POIs yet again. So, oops on long-term planning, the longer you wait the more it is going to bite you later. Sure I want new doors, have for forever, but omg get on this for your own good. The longer you put this one off the harder it's going to get, and will result in more time/money, not less, in the long run. And when you fix the "can't shoot through holes in door" problem pleas fix the "can't shoot through empty clothing rack" problem that should not have made it into the game since these are brand new assets. Like, how did that even get through approval let alone testing? I'm knucklerubbin these points cause I think you can and should avoid them in the first place, not postpone and snowball them into bigger headaches later on.
  22. exactly. That's how a survival game should be. You can't survive by going to traders and spend money? Where is the survival in that.. U should be somehow 'forced' to scavenge for food, drink and cloths. For me it can't be 'harsh' enough 😛 So far food and water never, but never ever have been a problem in this game for me. Perhaps the only time was when trying a mod where u can't eat meat or cans without a risk getting ill. Agreed
  23. Знаменитая русская локализация теперь в виде модлета! Переведено: • Главное меню • Меню настроек • Все предметы • Действия над предметами • Названия эффектов и их описания • Названия рецептов и их описания • Все задания/испытания и их описания Если вы найдёте какие-то ошибки и неточности перевода, просьба срочно сообщить о них! (желательно с прикреплённым скриншотом) Custom_Rus_Lang.zip Устанавливается как обычный модлет! Приятной игры! Основное руководство в Steam! Скриншоты под спойлером ниже!
  24. A quick fix would be a bandana variant but I wouldnt mind a new face mask wearable. Put those art guys to work lol!!!
  25. Hey Khaine what game settings/ loot settings and percentages/ game difficulty etc do you play and or recommend is the best way to play this mod? Thanks just wondering wanted to get the opinion of the creator.
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