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Hungry Beasts

And just like that as if Murphy for all of his quirks was on my side tonight, I drifted into a Pass-N-Gas just in time to search for a few liters to feed my fuel-starved Hell Beast of a motorcycle.    No telling how much longer this luck would hold out with the sun going down.  With a bit of fear and apprehension, I hurriedly checked the long-abandoned gas pumps for fuel.    A howl nearby alerted me that my motorcycle wasn't the only hungry critter out late. I couched down pu

A New Friend

I found myself laying on a gurney in an Army tent.  I woke up to a female voice trying to pull me out of my dazed slumber.  It took a minute or two of her gently slapping my face before I realized she was there.  She's cute,  a welcome sight to these sore eyes.      Like the big old hole in my life caused by this undead plague, I prodded at the fresh bloodstained hole in my BDU shirt as I sat up on the gurney.  An unfortunate result of the matching large gash in my left arm awarded by

Fates Motel

I put together a minibike this evening after finding the parts in a Pass-N-Gas.  Lucky find?  Maybe, not sure that luck will hold out if I stay here at the Fates Motel.   Something tells me the rates will be murder.  Just look at the creepy house on the hill up behind the Motel.  I wonder if life as an undead zombie has changed Norman's temperament any?  Likely not. I'm sure his mother would be more than happy to serve up a helping of Sweetbread.   All said and done it wasn't a ba

Burning Desire

Set upon in the night I was caught by surprise as the undead had somehow discovered me.   I immediately got up and started to run.  Being it was still dark I had no choice but to light my torch to make sure I didn't run headlong into a wandering party of them.  Like a moth to a flame, the undead in the vicinity started running after me.  Damn, they are fast.  They are also ... flammable!  Flames didn't seem to last very long but it was definitely entertaining to see a flaming zombie catch anothe

Night Approaches

As darkness descends around me.  I reflect on the day's accomplishments and lessons learned.  I woke with a note signed by some guy named Noah hastily written and placed on my bare chest.  It's a bit unsettling to know that I'm being watched, ranks right up there with the undead shuffling all around.  With a few precautions, I have been able to remain beneath notice.   Accomplishments Bedroll crafted from plant fiber.  It's kind of itchy but it will have to do for now.  Throwing
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