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  • High ping co op

    • Version: 21

    I'm playing with friends co op server, and have  high ping. Friend have white ip, i've dinamyc ip by wifi.

    when play other server i don't have the same problem

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    Hi, that high of a ping is caused by one or more of the following:


    • Wifi connection by either or both the host/client
    • Firewall/antivirus running without exclusions to the game folder and save folder
    • Network gremlins (this include a bad line, dying modem/router or they need rebooting, bad route to the ISP/host/anywhere in between)
    • Improper port forwarding by the host
    • Using Steam networking rather than Litenetlib (which would be the result of the 2nd or 4th of the list)

    You can -- as a client -- try running the Network Workaround in the General tab in the Options


    Feel free to comment here if you need more help, but this isn't a game bug.

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