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  • Weird issues when playing

    • Version: A21

    I started using A21 when it first was released. Had no issues at the time.


    Lately I've started to have some weird issues when trying to play.


    First, my mouse will freeze up for a few seconds and I will be unable to look around or do anything.


    I have creative enabled and if I try to move while the mouse is frozen, it will switch to fly mode. This is when the issues really start. Pressing ESC will just open the Start menu on my device. If I use ALT + F4 to close the game, the keyboard locks up and if I were to try and open a Google tab, it would just open new tabs, as if the Shift key was being held down and file explorer will just start to open an unending number of tabs.


    To fix the issue from this state, I need to do a hard shutdown.


    I have already tested with a brand new keyboard and mouse. I do not have the same issues in other games. Issue only seems to happen in 7 Days.


    Anyone had any similar issues or knows the best approach to fixing this issue?

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    Sorry to hear you're having issues. Please re-read and follow the instructions here to give us the info we need. Mostly the output log.


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