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  • Recently downloaded the game and it won’t let me run the game. (Downloaded via Xbox on pc)

    • Version: I’m not too sure since I couldn’t even run the game.

    I tried to load up the game, but as I tried to run it, it comes up with a pop up on things to fill in, when I clicked run it came up with a pop-up saying: press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.

    Press about to kill the program.

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        Not sure if you've found a workaround for this yet or not. If you haven't, open up your Xbox App and right-click on "7 Days to Die," then click "Manage." On the new sub-window that pops up, click on "Files" and then "Browse..." This should pull up the pathway to the game files.

        Open the "7 Days to Die" folder, followed by the "Content" folder and then scroll down to "7DaysToDie" and "7DaysToDie_EAC" applications. You can create shortcuts to both of these applications and send them to your Desktop for easy access. Running these shortcuts to those respective applications will at least get the game running by bypassing the Launcher that's used with the Xbox App.


        I ran into this exact same issue, and this is the only way I was able to play the game on PC via the Xbox App. However you might still run into further issues with connection if you plan to play with friends. I can play the game just fine, and my girlfriend and connect to my game to play with me between roughly 15 minutes to an hour.. Then the game freezes, and her whole laptop freezes and starts making weird audio sounds through her headset. She then has to hard-boot her PC just to unlock it, which surely can't be good for the system repeating this multiple times a day...


        But at least you'll be able to play the game. She then actually bought the game on Steam to see if maybe it was just an issue with the Xbox App version, and it worked a bit better; still eventually ran into the same issue though, and then her game would get stuck on "Waiting for Steam Verification" when trying to connect to my Xbox App version through her Steam version.. But if your focus is just playing it Singleplayer, than creating shortcuts to the actual application file through the file directory, and just running the application should work with zero issues.

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    See if this post helps regarding creating a folder for logs


    If you're still having issues, we'll need more information. Please see this thread below on how to file a bug report. Let us know if you have any questions about it. Thanks!


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    Yeah, follow that first link Neko linked in here. If the 7DaysToDie folder isn't there, create one. Then, open it up and create a logs folder. If you have the main folder but not the logs folder, just create the logs one. It's something being worked on for a patch

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