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  • Perkel Residence Mission bug

    • Version: A21 b324



    Level 1 Clear Mission assigned by Trader Jen in Navezone and located north of the trader .5-1 KM


    When clicking on the exclamation produces an error loading the mission and objects fail to render. Mission does not start properly and exclamation marker still appears in HUD but not on screen. The residence is missing large portions of blocks. Zombies triggers still work. I died to try and clear the mission as failed and it worked. I did not try to complete the mission.



    #1 Some faces of building blocks when upgrading do not change visually and appear invisible at times until a block near it is upgraded. 

    #2 Similar rendering issue when mining blocks don't appear to be destructed. Intermittently one face of the 3D object opens a window to a top down view of the overhead terrain. The same location effects new building blocks reference sidenote #1

    #3 When mining under a custom built structure it lost structure support collapsing a section when the ground holding the structure and other blocks below did not collapse. I will check logs if this happens again. May have fixed it by building custom blocks down to bedrock for support.

    #4 Low frame rates anything higher than low settings 


    Potato Specs

    Ryzen 5 5500

    MSI Geforce RTX 3060 12GB GDRAM

    32 GB RAM

    LG Ultra HD display 60Mhz

    Windows OS runs on M.2 1TB

    Game runs on Seagate Barracuda 2TB

    Studio Nvidia Driver


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