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  • Cant craft in Alpha 21

    • Version: alpha21

    No matter what i do, since Ive downloaded alpha21 and when i start a new game, I dont have the ability for Crafting. i cant even make a bedroll because i dont have a crafting list. when i push tab, the entire crafting list is completely blank. there also isnt even the prompt to show recipes when ive clicked on grass or sticks or rocks like it used to be. I have uninstalled and reinstalled/re-downloaded the game multiple of times and its still not working. I really would love to play Alpha 21 version but cant :(

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    Thank you for reporting.

    We will be needing a bit more information to pinpoint the issue that you are having. 

    Please read the pinned post and post a new bug report with the necessary information on it.


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    I had the same issue tonight (7/19/2023) when updating on my laptop. I had to uninstall, then manually delete all 7D2D folders from %appdata and program files (x86) before reinstalling and it works fine now. I had compopack installed on alpha 20 on my main pc and due to file transfer on local network, I believe it was trying to load those prefabs and messing up. I also cancelled file transfer across local network when reinstalling and turned anti-cheat off after reinstalling. 

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