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  • Vehicle explosion glitch

    • Version: Alpha 21.1 (b16)

    Riding motorcycle occasionally boosts screen to shoot forward with barely a tap.  Motorcycle near full %, got off and removed super charger, got back on.  First tap forward Motorcycle blew up, gave height achievement, placed me back on ground after a minute or two with all motorcycle inventory in bag laying there. Hoofed it home and got minibike out until able to make new one. Scoured through log... 10:56:06 ref?   Anyone else having this burst issue? Already lost a drone to it before.


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    Thank you for reporting.

    I see that the posted log is not a full one.  I would need to see the full log to be sure,  but from what is there,  it looks like you have experienced a bug with the drone getting lost.  When your drone gets stuck on something and stops following you,  it can cause many issues like the one you described with your vehicle.  It can also cause issues like falling through the ground and extremely low fps. 


    You would need to delete the drone from your save game.  The sure way to do this is to delete the "drones.dat" and the "drones.dat.bak" files in your save game folder.  Deleting these files will delete the drone you had,  so your drone and everything you had in its inventory will be lost for good.


    You can find your savegame folder by,

    - Select the "Tools" tab in your launcher.

    - Select the "Open savegame folder".

    - Open the "Saves" folder.

    - Open the folder with the name of the map that you are having the issue with.

    - Open the folder with the name of the save game that your are having the issue with.

    - Delete both the "drones.dat" and the "drones.dat.bak" files.


    After deleting the drone files,  do the following in game.  This will allow you to place new drones.

    - Open console by pressing F1

    - Type in "dm" in the console and press enter.

    - Type in "jd clear" in the console and press enter.

    - Try deploying the drone again.

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    Thank you, I thought maybe the section where the instance occurred would be sufficient, the link would have been very long otherwise.  I did lose a drone a week or so ago, so yeah, I will do this to delete it and hopefully that fixes this.

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