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  • Silly Gun Bug

    • Version: A21.1

    I'm putting this here despite finding this bug quite silly, but some guns will visually eject ammunition when switching to it in the hotbar if the magazine is not full. I've noticed this with the Auto Shotgun and Sniper Rifle, both of which have a magazine extender on them. This potentially applies to other firearms as well, but I've only noticed it recently with specifically these two.

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    I checked the known issues list and didn't see it. I believe it is that same animation and I've also noticed smoke coming out the muzzle when I switch to a long rifle in my hotbar as well.

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    This is lumped in the general animations are WIP section of the KI list, we're aware of a plethora of guns/animations/reloads bugs, thanks for bringing it up! It's all going to be polished up with the new character system.

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