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  • Falling through world - day 113

    • Version: 21.1 b16

    Summary: (A short description of the bug)

    Falling through game world.  Game played regularly for many weeks up through day 113.  Cannot do anything due to falling through world constantly.


    Game Version: (A21 b3xx)

    A21.1 B16


    OS/Version: (Windows / Linux / Mac)



    CPU Model: (Intel i5 9600K / AMD Ryzen 7 1800x / etc)

    System Memory: (4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB / etc)

    GPU Model and VRAM: (nVidia GTX 1060 4 GB / AMD RX 580 8 GB / etc)

    Model Name: iMac

    Model Identifier: iMac19,1

    Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Core i5

    Processor Speed: 3.7 GHz

    Number of Processors: 1

    Total Number of Cores: 6

    L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

    L3 Cache: 9 MB

    Memory: 24 GB


    Screen Resolution: (Width and Height such as 1920x1080)

    Max 5120x2880, play usually in 1920x1080 for speed


    Video Settings: (Low / Medium / High / Ultra / Custom(Custom has many combinations, so just list the settings you think are relevant to the bug if any))

    Mixture, but mostly high settings


    Game mode: (MP host / MP client / SP / Client on Dedi, RWG or NAV)



    Did you wipe old saves? (Yes/No)



    Did you start a new game? (Yes/No)

    This was a relatively new game.  I am also playing in a friends 21.1 b16 game he hosts locally on his machine.  Having no issues there.


    Did you validate your files? (Yes/No)



    Are you using any mods? (Yes/No)



    EAC on or off?

    Default ON


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description:

    I've been playing this particular PREGEN game for many many enjoyable hours.  Loving all the new content in this version.  Built a super sweet base and have run many blood moons.  Was driving between traders on my motorcycle looking for solar cells and as I was returning to my base, motorcycle started flipping up into the air and becoming crazy.  Managed to stumble back to base and that's when I started falling through the world upon dismount.  Thought it might have been an issue with my drone (which got lost somehow in the trip back) or the vehicles so went into God Mode to pick all those vehicles. Never found the drone, even though I retraced my steps as best I could.  Used some console command (dont remember) to reset the drone and gave myself a new one using CM.  


    Still cannot stand anywhere in the game withouth falling though the ground.  Sometimes I can god mode to a spot and walk around for a bit, but ultimately I fall through the ground.  Game is unplayable at this point.  Would love to know if there is a way to rescue this save.  I put a ton of work into this fancy base!


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) Log in and do anything in game.  Fall through world.  Once it started, it won't stop.  Not sure if there is a fix of some file is corrupted?




    Actual result: (description of what is occurring)

    Standing still for a short priod of time, moving, landing after coming out of God Mode.  Nothing keeps me on the ground for long.  


    Expected result: (what you expect to occur)
    Not fall through the ground :-)

    Link to Pastebin Output Log:

    https://pastebin.com/jiy9iuSC - NOTE: I had to edit some of the lofg to make it fit into Pastebin.  I chose a section in the middle where the errors of me and zombies falling through the map was repeated over and over.  Hope that doesn't mess it up for your review.


    Screenshots of falling through world: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LTkkZcqmSnhLz5zgd05WRj2VVE2ZCVZk?usp=share_link


    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Thank you for reporting.

    I see this in your log.  Your drone's position is very strange.  It says (NaN, NaN, NaN) where it should have the numbers for the coordinates at.  This will cause many issues like the ones you described.


    1. 2023-09-08T18:15:26 118.910 INF 5116 Drone PostInit [type=EntityDrone, name=entityJunkDrone, id=18885], (NaN, NaN, NaN) (chunk -134217728, -134217728), rbPos (NaN, NaN, NaN)


    You would need to delete the drone from your save game.  The sure way to do this is to delete the "drones.dat" and the "drones.dat.bak" files in your save game folder.  Deleting these files will delete the drone you had,  so your drone and everything you had in its inventory will be lost.


    You can find your savegame folder by,

    - Select the "Tools" tab in your launcher.

    - Select the "Open savegame folder".

    - Open the "Saves" folder.

    - Open the folder with the name of the map that you are having the issue with.

    - Open the folder with the name of the save game that your are having the issue with.

    - Delete both the "drones.dat" and the "drones.dat.bak" files.


    After deleting the drone files,  do the following in game.  This will allow you to place new drones.

    - Open console by pressing F1

    - Type in "dm" in the console and press enter.

    - Type in "jd clear" in the console and press enter.

    - Try deploying the drone again.

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    Thanks so much for the quick response.  I followed your instructions and have played for about 15 minutes without falling through the world, so I think that fixed it.  So happy, I really didn't want to start over!


    Sorry for the extraneous bug report, and not finding this information in my searches through postings in the forums.  I had found the "jd clear" command in a web search, but it did not include instructions about deleting the drone files.  But maybe your instructions could be added to a "Self fix-it FAQ" that folks could peruse when having whacky problems in the game.  -- Cheers!

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    Well I spoke too soon.  Since applying the fix you provided, I've played about 3 hours and everything was working great.  I was just completing a second Tier V quest in the wasteland with my replaced drone and the same thing happened.  The drone dissapeared on the way back out of the quest building, and I started falling through the world again and my motorcycle jumped and flew wildly.  I did notice the drone was getting stuck all over the place in the POI I was in (really anywhere I go it had trouble navigating).  Only thing I can share is the drone was full of items, was LVL3, had a med mod and a storage mod.  Not sure if that helps.


    This sounds more like a drone bug now than anything to do with the map or my player.  I'll probably just delete the drone again and wait until the drones are more stable in 21.3 or whatever release comes next so I can continue playing.  This is my all-time favorite game on the Mac!

    If there is anything I can do to help with this issue, just ask and I'll do what I can to provide more information or to try and replicate.

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