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  • version mismatch pop up window not working suspected

    • Version: 317/ 313 conflct

    problem is as follows. my server is at version 313. all players trying to connect to the server that are using version 313 have no issues. those who have updated to version 317 can not connect. what happens is loading goes all the way to creating player and stays there. the game does not freeze and ive personalyy tried doing this and have been stuck at creating player for 20 minutes strait without the game freezing. no errors show other than the screen shot in this post. no wrong version pop up window appears which is what i suspect is happening. there are no logs as this doesnt produce any log as there isnt an actual error happening according to the game.

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    I went ahead and made a ticket on this. Hopefully, we can get a complete version check and kick clients with version differences to the main menu with a helpful error box response. 

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