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  • Trees duplicating after deleting a region file

    bob the big blob of goo
    • Version: A21.b324

    Summary: Whenever we delete a region file and restart the server, it appears that a majority of the trees duplicate. Then when players visit that region the server becomes unstable and hangs up within about 30 minutes.

    Game Version: A21 b324

    OS/Version: Windows 10 Pro build 19045.3155

    CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz

    System Memory: 32 GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: nVidia Quadro M1000M

    Screen Resolution: 1600 x 900

    Video Settings: Custom with POV at default and everything else at the lowest possible setting or off

    Game mode: Dedicated server with RWG world

    Did you wipe old saves? No.  We are using the map from build 323 that we built a few hours before 324 came out.  We had this same problem on b323.


    Did you start a new game? Yes, on b323 and continued on with b324 in the same world.


    Did you validate your files? Yes


    Are you using any mods? Yes.  We are using Alloc's Server Fixes (newest release), and CPM 23.3.  We were able to replicate this bug on a fresh world in b323 without any mods installed.


    EAC on or off? ON


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description:  Trees duplicate in a region when the region file is deleted and then the game regenerates it.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) Visit a region

    2) Shutdown the game

    3) Delete the region file

    4) Start up the game

    5) Visit the same region again and look at the console

    6) Move to the coordinates of the "WRN AddDecorationAt"

    7) Chop down the tree and find another inside it


    Actual result: The game is duplicating all, or at least it seems like, all of the trees in the region


    Expected result: That the game would clear the decorations database for a region that was missing and has to be re/generated.

    We regularly delete region files to refresh the game tiles because we have so many active players that the map gets decimated in a day or two otherwise.  We've been doing this for the last 5+ years and A21 is the first time I remember this issue happening.








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    Just in case I answered the did you wipe old saves wrong...I always create a completely fresh install of the dedicated server and have all of the save files stored in the game directory.  Thus we always delete all old files including anything that would have been saved in the profile on the server.  We did use the B323 world as noted.

    On my client, I manage the profile files the same way and also did a clean installation for b324.

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    I was able to replicate this. Additionally, it occurred when restoring a region file from a previous backup.


    You can see some of the trees clearly as a tree inside a tree before you cut them down. In about 80% of the second felled trees, they were at 0hp. Some would knock now in one hit, others were basically invincible.

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    Having a no-go on reproducing this atm, checking out alternative reproductions, but if anyone has any other information that would be appreciated.


    • Went to an area with a lot of trees
    • Shut the server down, deleted the region files
    • Loaded back in, trees were fine


    • Went to an area with a lot of trees
    • Destroyed a whole bunch of them
    • Shut the server down, deleted the region files
    • Loaded back in, trees were fine


    • Went to an area with a lot of trees
    • Destroyed a whole bunch of them
    • Went to a region far away from that one
    • Shut the server down, deleted the region files
    • Loaded back in, went to the region, trees were fine

    Erm, well okay then right after I posted this I found a tree that duplicated. Going to say confirmed, will do some more investigation into this for other cases and make a report

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    When it happened to me, I was building a base in the area. During the base building, something occurred in the area that basically made my client crash. (I think I spoke with you about this elsewhere Jugg.) So in fixing the issue, I had restored the region file for that area from a backup that was taken like 15 minutes prior. After doing some building and playing for a few hours, I decided to cut down the trees around the base. That's when I noticed the duplication. It was occurring in every tree around the base. I didn't go further out in the region to test it though.

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