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  • spamming rotate on the steel garage door powered 5x3 creates null refs forcing the user to fully exit the game to fix

    • Version: alpha 21 (b313)

    Game Version: (A21 b313)

    OS/Version: (Windows}

    CPU Model: (Intel core I7-3770 3.4GHZ 4 cores)

    System Memory: (16 GB)

    GPU Model and VRAM: (nVidia GTX 1050TI 4 GB)

    Screen Resolution: (Width and Height such as 1920x1080)

    Video Settings: (Lowest))

    Game mode: (SP Navezgane)


    Did you wipe old saves? (Yes)


    Did you start a new game? (Yes)


    Did you validate your files? (Yes)


    Are you using any mods? (Yes)


    EAC on 


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: white steel garage door powered 5x3 breaks the game and only fixes after user fully force closes game.(all of them could be bugged but haven't tested them)


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1)very easy to reproduce this bug very few steps are required 

    2)select ONE white steel powered garage door 5x3

    3)then you place ONE white steel powered garage door 5x3 with simple rotations DONT ROTATE IT then you select advanced rotations them spam left mouse rotate and r at the same time and it will break the game (this takes around 10 seconds)


    Actual result: (nul refs preventing gameplay from continuing unless user force closes game)


    Expected result: (result stated above)


    LOG FILE: 7dtd garage door bug report log - Pastebin.com


    VIDEO Evidence:


    IMPORTANT every time i pressed escape it created argument lines so the part i imagine you would be looking for is mostly around the bottom this is on a completely new game verified files and deleted previous character profiles and a20 worlds.

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    Bug confirmed.
    For a workaround right now shift left click the door into you backpack, that will stop the spam.

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