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  • Player claim block gets disabled when placing a second claim block.

    • Version: a21 b317

    Summary: (A short description of the bug)

     When Placing A second "Player claim block", in single player. 
    The first, "player claim block", gets disabled.

    Removing and replacing the disabled block restores the land claim.

    The second placed, "player claim block", is unaffected.


        outputlogfile = " https://pastebin.com/YpZhAcuj ".


    Game Version: (A21 b317)

    OS/Version: (Windows 10)

    CPU Model: (Intel i5 9400F)

    System Memory: ( 32 GB )

    GPU Model and VRAM: ( AMD R9 200 series 4 GB)

    Screen Resolution: (1920x1080)

    Video Settings: ( Medium )

    Game mode: ( SP )


    Did you wipe old saves? (Yes)


    Did you start a new game? (Yes)


    Did you validate your files? (No)


    Are you using any mods? (No)


    EAC  off


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description:


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1)Place "player claim protection block(1st)".

    2)Place another, "player claim protection block(2nd)".

    3)block first is now broken. Replaced it with Block(3). block(2nd) is still okay.


    Actual result: (description of what is occurring)

     1st claim block get destroyed when 2nd claim block is placed.

    Expected result: (what you expect to occur)

    I expected that the 1st Claim Block will not be destroyed/broken, when placing a second.

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    After relogging "player claim block(2nd)", (that was fine before relog).  Is now disabled/destroyed. 

    It seem that only one claim block is active at one time, not 3 as the block notes detail. 

    Or am I reading it wrong.

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    Thank you for reporting.

    Looking at your log,  it seems that your max land claim block is still set to 1.

    Pressing the "defaults" button in the settings will fix this.  There is no need to start game,  all you need to do is to press the NEW GAMES in the main menu,  press the DEFAULTS button,  go back into main menu,  and continue playing your saved game as usual.



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