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  • residential and rural tiles spawning empty

    • Version: A21.1 Stable


    Game Version: (A21 Stable)

    Platform: (PC )

    OS/Version: (Windows )

    CPU Model: (Intel i7 )

    System Memory: (64 GB )

    GPU Model and VRAM: (nVidia GTX 3070 TI 8GB)

    Screen Resolution: (3146×2456 i think the last number is)

    Video Settings: ( Ultra )

    Game mode: ( SP )

    Did you wipe old saves? (Yes)

    Did you start a new game? (Yes)

    Did you validate your files? (Yes)

    Are you using any mods? (Yes)

    EAC off? no

    Status: NEW

    Bug Description:

    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) create a city (named non vanilla) (tho vanilla has missing poi spots to) 
    2) name districts other then vanilla names 

    3)  tag pois to fit each of these districts (correct tags so tags that match the district name)
    4) create tiles named the district 

    Actual result: (description of what is occurring)
    downtown, commercial, industrial spawn great, rural and res spawn sporadically and missing a heap of pois

    Expected result: (what you expect to occur)
    city should be filled in each district (there are plenty of pois) 








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