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  • Base Disappearing in POI (Random Chunk Reset)

    • Version: Alpha 21.1

    POI: Bell Lake, Navezgane


    So I built a huge base in creative, spent many hours on it thinking it would be fun to release mayhem on it when done. Almost finished, I flied over to the winter biome just beside to check it out from above. When returning to Bell Lake, the POI had completely reset, and there were no trace of me even being there in the first place. The Chunk reset time was set to 100 days, although I always set the time to 01 09 00 as soon as it got remotely dark. (Never even reached day 2). If I were to count the total days in game it still wouldn´t ad up to 100 as I had 120 minute long days, and my guess would be around 20 total days played. 


    Anyone else had this problem? Kinda sucks u know... :))

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