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  • Went from level 45+ to level 1.


    Connected to another player's game (not on a server).  His game crashed and so I was disconnected.   When he came back up and I reconnected to him, my progress was gone.  I was back on a dirt road looking at my hands.


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    This can happen with any programs that have an open-write sadly. Your saved file on his end was corrupted because it was being read/written at the same time of the crash. Can try backups, or have him make you admin and reset your progress manually.


    Methods to game save safety are being looked at.

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    On 2/3/2022 at 5:59 PM, HopAlongCass said:

    Well, that blows the biggy doesn't it?   I've since moved on, but thank you for the response.


    Yeah sorry for the delay and it does suck. For what it's worth, having the game and the game saves on a really fast drive such as an NVME or regular SATA SSD does help prevent this from happening. Also it's a good idea to just copy and paste the game save folder somewhere that way you at least have a backup just in case something goes bad like this again.

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