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  • Very late spawning of sleepers in POIs makes stealth perks obsolete


    Stealth-Perks like "hidden strike" or "from the shadows" and also larger scopes, like 4x, 8x are made mostly obsolete due to the very late spawn of sleppers in POIs. For example, the Dog on the Roof of Working Stiff Tools only spawns, if you stand on the roof top and are less than 10 blocks away from its spawn point. Sneaking around the roof top on top of  the walls at its edges or on the air condition dutcs does not spawn the dog, not even if you are only 3 blocks away.


    Neither is it possible to snipe sleeper zombies on a roof from the roof of the building next to it, because they do not spawn even within 20 blocks as the crow flies.

    That makes creeping cleaning up of POIs just as impossible as a long-range fight against sleepers. The associated perks and weapons / mods such as scopes are therefore useless. Because, what use is a 4-x or 8-x scope if I have to go up to 10 blocks to an enemy so that he can even spawn?


    It neither makes sense nor does anyone enjoy it

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