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  • house_old_ranch_05 is missing a rally marker


    Got a tier 2 quest at house_old_ranch_05 and couldn't find a marker. I checked in the POI editor and also looked at the XML file of that house as well as 04 and 06. There's no rally point in the XML for house_old_ranch_05 and no marker shows up in the POI editor.


    Steps to reproduce:

    Open house_old_ranch_05 in POI editor.

    Click Playtest.

    Try to start a Fetch quest.


    Screenshot is from in-game, taken right after pressing the show on map button, which did not work.

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    please read Hated's post on making a usable report.

    1. far more info is needed.
    2. your image is not usable.
    3. my editor has the rally marker where it has always been (at the rear). (i provide a usable screen shot)
    4. xml (usually) has the rally location way at the bottom as is in the file as expected.


        <property class="Rally">
          <property name="0" value="34, 4, 54" />





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    This is how the POI looks in my game which is build 218:




    There is no rally marker as there was on the two neighboring POIs I looked at in the editor. The XML files for this POI in both the game and dedicated server on build 218 both lack the rally point, I did a find on the word rally and looked through them (comparing them with the neighboring 04/06 XML files).


    And here is the in-game screenshot, which I'd made before I found this forum and didn't realize that the forum would mess up.




    Maybe the issue has already been fixed in a later build that hasn't reached the experimental branch yet. But I know I was not the only person to have this issue since I found this thread (by doing a google search) before I found this part of the forum, and there was no mention of house_old_ranch_05 in the known issues list or anywhere else I saw:


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