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  • A20 - Hard crashing PC (no logs, no BSOD) during SECOND load of game


    Summary: Game will hard-crash PC (no errors, no logs, no BSOD).  Only ever happens on the 2nd load of the game before computer has been restarted (or crashed).  First load after a fresh restart starts 100% of the time.  Quit game, don't restart computer, try to load into a world, shuts computer off 100% of the time.


    Game Version: A20 (initial release after streamer weekend)

    Platform: PC

    OS/Version: Windows

    CPU Model: i7 8700k @ 3.7ghz

    System Memory: 16 GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: 2070 8 GB

    Screen Resolution: 1440p standard

    Video Settings: High (Textures on FULL = causes the problem.  Textures on Half = Removes the issue)

    Game mode: MP (Dedicated Server) and SP both experience the issue


    Did you wipe old saves? YES

    Did you start a new game? YES

    Did you validate your files? YES

    Are you using any mods? NO

    EAC on or off?  OFF


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description:  Game will hard-crash and force a restart of the PC if attempting to load into a world a 2nd time after having already loaded a world.  A "fix" was found by reducing textures to HALF.  With Textures on HALF, the game has never crashed for us yet.  Turned textures back to FULL and it immediately crashes when trying to load into a world on the 2nd try.


    This has been reproduced on two machines we have access to.  A 3rd friend is playing and does not have this issues, however his system has over 12gb of  VRam available, while the other 2 systems are running only 8.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


    1)  With textures on FULL, load into a world (we are playing on 10k).  All settings are on HIGH other than bloom/blur and such.

    2)  Exit the game to desktop

    3)  Start the game back up and try to load into a world again.  During loading PC will hard crash and force a reboot.  Graphics card behaves oddly during initial boot-up compared to a normal restart.


    Actual result: Not sure what to add here?  Game hard crashes when trying to load into a world a 2nd time with textures on FULL setting.


    Expected result:  Ideal result is game detects available memory and warns user it cannot load with current settings and recommends / automatically adjusts textures down to HALF.   Or, should produce a warning when memory is exceeded and drop user out of game with an error message.   In all cases, should not keep going and hard-crash the PC. 

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    I can't reproduce this even on my old laptop that has 8gb of ram and an on board gpu.


    Have a look at your event viewer: go to Windows Logs, System, and look for a Critical event when your computer crashes. Report what that says please

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