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  • A20 b238 Quest bug


    Dunno if its a bug or not have a game going right now on day 9 Level 26 Done 3 Special Quests have 3 Traders i have been too i Have done 22 Quests but all the Traders wont offer and Tier 2 or any higher quest only thing all 3 of them off is Tier 1 Quests dunno if its a bug or not but i cant Get any higher Quest stages Game Stage is at 40 

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    The next tier quests won't be added until the quest list has been reset.  Do you still not have tier 2 quests after 1 in game day has passed?


    If you are still not getting tier 2 quests,  we will be needing more details.  Please read the pinned topic,  and give us the details needed by filling out the bug reporting form.


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    The tier 2 quests are offered by the Trader you were sent by the next game day, the "new" trader doesn't know you unless it happens to be another incidence of a trader you have already completed tier 1 quests with. So you start over with each new trader.

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    Yep, it works like this:


    You complete 7 quests for Trader A; Trader A offers the Opening Trade Routes quest which leads you to Trader B


    Trader A, the next day (or when you log out and back in), will restock quests and allow you to choose between tier 1 and tier 2 quests.

    Trader B will have tier 1 quests, which when you complete 7 of, will send you to Trader C; Trader B will now offer tier 2 quests like Trader A.


    If you keep completing quests, at this point, for either Trader A or B and complete 7 more tier 2 quests (or I think 14 tier 1's), the respective trader will offer tiers 1-3 now.


    You know you've completed a tier because it will give you a completion reward.


    If this isn't the case we need more information.

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