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  • Trader immunity zone is a problem

    Ric Walker

    The zone around the traders where you cant build or destroy objects can become a serious game ending problem for people not knowing how to use DM and god mode.


    For example, i decided to loot through a building adjacent to the trader and fell into a 2x2 trapfloor in this new POI. because that hole was in the traders zone, i could not dig me out or use frames to nerdpole out. i rescued myself with DM but this really can be a problem for new players and make Quests on POI that are very close to a trader impossible to clear if for example a door cant be damaged.


    Please lower that radius.

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    40 minutes ago, TSBX said:




    Although I don't have encountered such a situation, but I support lower radius!
    There are a lot like the but again don't want to cover a large base of the players, they will choose to squat in merchant invincible in the scope of a tree! And attached with the tree to build a unbeatable platform used for security through the blood moon!



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    I can agree with that issue. Same thing happened to me. Was just looting a POI next to the trader, not thinking about the protection. Fell into a hole, killed some zombies inside...and then got stuck and had to restart the game because i could not get out. I could not destroy the wood to go through the intended path of that POI, neither could i use wood frames to jump out again.


    So please, if possible, lower the protection radius of the trader or limit it to just the trader POI/please make sure to keep that protection away from nearby POIs.

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    18 hours ago, TSBX said:

    I need some more info to reproduce this. Please provide the listed info and I'd be glad to look into this.


    It happens here on the Pregen10k World.


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    You can get up onto that roof with blocks and stay there for blood moon.


    Only way zeds get to you (and they can), is getting on that block wall (easy to knock off),  or...


    Climbing the ladder of the tower and then jumping off onto the roof. This is hilarious as

    a) the stagger/faceplant 

    b) easy pickins to shoot,

    c)  sometimes they are completely stoopid and jump off and miss the roof completely.


    Now, since you cannot build on that roof, you're easy meat for vultures, and would have to dodge cops.

    Leaping spider zombies will also get up there.


    Soooo, this could actually be a feature.  :)

    (I had fun with it last night. Hmmm, what if...... )


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