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  • Some weapons cannot apply dye

    George Gordon

    The Pipe weapons for example, but also the AK47 and the Autoshotgun.


    I noticed these weapons have strange "tags" on them, a smiley with horns, a skull, the M60 has a heart with an arrow through.


    Is this some "tags" that were added to commemorate someone, maybe Streamers or someone else to give them a "trophy"? If this is the case, this is the worst decision they ever took. The aesthetics of the guns are completely ruined by the presence of random seeming Tags that are also coloured so brightly that they are an absolute nuisance. Since you can't apply Dyes, you can't even try to get rid of those tags. Prefer the old textures over that.


    And let's not talk about the overly bright and distractively coloured soda can suppressors for many weapons, including our boy MP5.

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