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  • Randomly character starting over on continue


    Several times I've started a new game.  Played several times.  Then suddenly I goto continue a saved game and I'm going through the beginning process all over again.  I can get back to where I had layed a land claim block (which doesn't show on map or compass. All saved points are gone).  All the items I've placed are there.  But the land claim.block shows jammed.  All storage chests show jammed.  I can use things like forges and workbenches but the game no longer sees me as the owner.  I can't destroy or place anything within the claim area.  So I'm left with deleting the world and generating a new one.

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    I made a somewhat discovery about this issue.  It seems this issue happens with online/offline mode.  Since I play solo, sometimes I have to play in offline mode.  So if I create a world while online, everything seems fine.  If I happen to continue on the world while offline, my character seems to go through the process as if starting on the world for the first time.  The advancement of the time and day doesn't reset.   I didn't notice if the skills / books reset with the character.

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