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  • Invisible Objects after placing auto-turrets


    System: Windows 10 64x bit

    CPU: AMD RYZEN 5600 3,7GHz

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

    RAM: 16.0 GB


    Game Version: A20(b231)

    Game Mode: Peer2Peer PVE

    Ammount of Players: 4

    Active builded Playerbases: 1




    We builded a Base with 3 Floors and Rooftop. All was builded by one Player so all Blocks are refered to him. We set Workbenches, Chemestrystations and so on at the 3rd Floor. Everything was ok till we placed a generator and elven auto-turrets on the rooftop. If you walked back to the 3rd Floor into the mid or the side all crafting-stations get invisible.


    DM-Mode didn't show any problems, but it also din't show the correct blockname.

    It just said you watch to block: air


    Things were just useable but not visible. If you walkes  to another place in the building things were visible. Very annoying and strange.


    First time of upcoming: Alpha 18


    I've upload some screenshots to show you, please fix.




    Sorry for my bad english didn't use for long long years.


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