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  • Dissappearing Poi's, Bugged tutorial quest


    As the title says ..

    Buildings are disappearing when you get close to the objects

    and still having the after completing the starting quest the trader quest shows No Traders Located


    Ive created a few different seeds, this has happened on everyone of them now

    Server is through gameservers.com, creating the maps local, and loaded on server, different/fresh seed every time

    Verified game with steam, and these logs are from after that with a fresh seed/map

    on a local signal player, I'm not having either one of these issues

    I also can log into another server and not have these happen

    so its obviously server side

     Beelzybub took a video to show what happens on the server


    this was before verified files and mods removed which I was testing out during restarts, results still are the same as shown


    local output log


    Server output log




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    thanks for the update. i am going to move this to "cant repro"

    Thanks  :)
    QA Tester-unholyjoe


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