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  • WSAD movement causes irregular framepacing

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    Any WSAD movement at all still causes extremely irregular framepacing.


    See https://imgur.com/a/1FedV8t for screenshots of RTSS frametime graph when stationary versus when walking.


    Until this is fixed the game is not in a playable state. Especially on a VA panel g-sync monitor because irregular framepacing causes them to flicker. The WSAD microstutter feels like crap even on other kinds of displays.


    As the graph shows you are getting a bunch of normal fast frames followed by one slow one, then the cycle repeats. Mouse camera movement is unaffected, it happens only when walking. This looks and plays more like doing lots and lots of tiny teleports to go from A to B instead of walking smoothly in a continuous motion.


    The white number in my custom RTSS overlay is the FPS.
    CPU load% in blue, GPU in yellow / orange.


    It does not matter whether you use v-sync or g-sync or neither. You don't have to walk long distances to trigger it, even 1 step is enough. Strafe sideways in front of a tree trunk and you should see it but use RTSS that comes with MSI Afterburner and enable the Frametime graph so you can see more clearly what's going on.

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