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    Since 5/24/2022 I posted tweets to your official account without reply.  Tried posting the link here, but when clicking on it, it results in an error?

    Anyway, been playing for a few months and as of 5/24 I had 2 hrs, 5 mins in game playing time before being booted.

    Then it was: 1 hr 25 mins; and now it is 1 hour.

    This on a fresh cold boot network.  All cache cleared from router/modem and console.

    Is there a 7DTD timer ticking down to when the game no longer plays on xbox or any console?

    I was playing the Gamepass version, but in anticipation of an update in the future I purchased the game.  Just read that there will be no console update.  What we have is what we get, so this countdown timer seems to be end of life for the game.

    If so, how do I get a refund for my purchase?

    I do hope there is some fix for this.

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