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    I am using a xBox controller on  my pc. After looking at the schematics of the controller within the game to find out how to control a vehicle I tried driving my 4x4.


    Results so far:


    To say it is not good is an understatement and I will explain.


    To accelerate I need to press right trigger, the speed at which it is going is very slow and jerky.  A slug has o ertaken me that is how it is NOT accelerating. I will post my specs after all of this.


    Steering is very hit and miss with the left stick. More miss that hit by a long way.


    My Specs:


    Ryzen 9 5900x

    64G of 3200 dimm 4

    rtx 3090 watercooled

    twin ssd's

    Windows 100 all updates done.

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