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  • Players kicked "Server Full" when server is not full.

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    Since A20 Experimental was released we've been having players reporting they're unable to complete a connection. The server will show 17/24 or 22/24 or whatever, they'll click connect, it'll go for a minute or two then they receive a message "You have been kicked (Server Full)".

    I think what's happening is that player slots are inconsistently not being released when the player disconnects. Rebooting the 7D Server (not Windows) fixes it. We're also running other games and they're not having problems.

    In support of this theory, one player reported that switching to another network connection (different WAN IP) let him back in immediately.

    We run on Windows under TCAdmin. Both our A20E and A20 servers are running with fresh installations and fresh maps. PREGEN8K for one, RWG for the other.

    No logs sorry as there's no crash and nothing looks out of the ordinary. Just XYZ left the game coming up on RCON even though they never actually got in.



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