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  • null reference exception object reference not set to an instance of an object

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    Please bear with me I am not computer savvy.


    I have been playing 7 days for years now and have never had a problem until a week ago.

    When I start up the game as it loads character it crashes with the above title in red.


    I have checked the things asked of me before reporting

    Launch without anti cheat

    re create the problem

    Validate files (all 10774 files successfully validated)

    restarted after validation


    I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times.  The second time I was able to play and save for three sessions then problem happened again.


    I have read that log reports are to be added via paste bin.  I have the log on pastebin but have no idea how to get it onto this thread.

    I have seen people say link it to us for example but they might as well say 'kjhbrjfdfhghfvid'  for what that means to me.


    All I can say is that the problem appears to be connected to the character.


    As I tried to start a new game I was given the choice of choosing a character.  As I did it immediately crashed.


    If I could be given advice how to get the logs too you I will send them.


    Here's hoping.


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