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    Great game btw.


    1. A deer tried to run away from an isle located inside a lake. He started to jump vertically many times (10 times) while trying to escape the island as he was floating on the surface. I then tried to catch him up and he reached the bottom floor of the lake and walked/run away walking on it, but it was still slowed down by water.


    2. There is a building where NPC is inside and it sells items, purchases yours and offers quests. At night, while approaching that building's entrance, it is frequent to get TELEPORTED somewhere close outside of that building. It happened at two different locations on the same map.


    3. When you die standing on a bed or a furniture next to it (as it was dark) located on the top floor of a house can result in your backpack reappearing on the top of the roof. It somehow "passed through the roof" structure.


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