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  • Windows A20 - Trader can no longer be accessed.

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    1.  The issue is not present in a new game.

    2.  Validating the files did not fix.


    After logging out of the game on the night of day 12 before doing a Start the Generators at night quest, I logged in AFTER this latest update, completed the quest and tried to turn the quest in at Trader Rekt's, the guy of gave me the quest.  The morning time was 0708. 


    Approaching the trader always results in being teleported away from the building as is normal for hours the trader is closed.


    I tried to use the -settime command to see if the Trader Opened or Closed as normal to 0600.  The Open sign remained on and no announcement of Traitor Joel's opening at 0605 was heard.  The trader can not be entered at this time without using God Mode.




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