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  • My game bugs at the "Creating player" screen. Please help

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    Mike The Great

    Hello, i am a long time fun of your game and i recently stumbled upon a bug that will not let me play the game anymore. When i try to start a new game or load a save the game gets stuck on the "creating player" screen and immediately shows red text (as shown in the picture).


    I have tried to solve this problem on my own but nothing seems to work.

    1) I deleted and re-downloaded the game.

    2) I deleted all of my saves and tried to start new game.

    3) I waited on the "red screen" to see if it needed time to load or something but it did nothing.

    4) I have tried to install 20.3 update instead of the 20.4 that seemed to be the problem but I face the same issue.

    5) I have also tried to join a friend's server but it did the same think.


    Also when i try to create a new player profile it will show the red screen again and when i try to exit the settings it will freeze the game forcing me to shut the game down from task manager.


    What can i do to solve this problem?


    Thank you in advance


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