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  • Game not using the full power of my system

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    So generally I have 60 fps with vsync on since there is no reason to go above that at 4k. I am using the max settings preset without blur cause I hate blur.
    Version of the game is 20.6 b9
    My specs are i7 8700k 32 GB of RAM, 6800xt Merc 319, PSU is an EVGA 850 gold2+ and also running the game on an SSD from Samsung if I am not mistaken, not using it on the M.2 slot. Those are all the relevant specs, oh and Windows 10 at the current stable version.

    So basically in the Graveyard city in the wasteland, in Nevasgamez (the default land) my fps drops from usually what I have 70-80 to 30-44, for no reason. I even reduced my resolution from 4K to 1440p and the fps remained the same, that is how I know this is not a normal issue. Same happens sometimes in houses where my fps would go down for no real reason. Now I actually am monitoring the performance using the AMD overlay and apparently you are not using the full extent of my system. The GPU is mostly at 40-60% and the temperatures at most while I am in alt tab now on my second monitor are at 70 degrees. The frequency of my GPU was also at 1200 or now at 1600, even tho it can and does go up to 2400. My CPU was as low as 20% utilization and now is at 40%. Also the GPU has 16 GB of VRAM so no that's not it either, barely using 7.6 GB right now.
    Basically your game doesn't ask more from my system it's like "yea we are at maximum power we're good here" and it's not the vsync either, I removed that too, exact same fps.
    Anything else I can say right now is that this was a multiplayer map and 3 more people played but no longer play. If they still did I would ask what their fps was in this area.
    The weird part is that last night my system just suddenly "let go" and I did have 60 fps after clearing an entire building for a tier 5 quest. When I got out frames got smooth and up to 60. Rode on my motorcycle and you've had this issue for years, where riding and going fast would lower fps a lot, this time I had smooth 59-60 fps. Almost felt weird while riding my motorcycle so smooth.

    In any case, low fps in isolated homes and graveyard outside and inside. Ask me for more details I'll be around.

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