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    Bug: Zeds suddenly going into crouch


    More bug info: I am in melee combat with a zed in a door. That zed is standing up and then, without moving forward, will go into crouch mode. That will make my melee attack to the end useless. I am bleeding, infected and I have a concussion just because the zed is going into the crouch. because of that.


    Extra info: There are no obstructions for it to go into crouch. Nothing at all in the way.


    Due to that crouch, the game has, in my opinion, forced me to start a new game. I know about that if there is an obstruction it will go into a crouch. I have seen a zed go into the crouch on the open road.


    How often does this happen: To many to count. So often does this occur that is beyond annoying.


    This happens with or without mods

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