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  • A20.6 Multiple loot tables reference a quality table instead of a probability table

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    I was looking at why an item would not drop for me (which is likely just random chance) but I noticed:




    <lootgroup name="groupModAllScaled">
        <item group="groupModAllT1" prob=".2"/>
        <item group="groupModAllT1" loot_prob_template="QLTemplateT1"/>
        <item group="groupModAllT2" prob=".2"/>
        <item group="groupModAllT2" loot_prob_template="QLTemplateT2"/>
        <item group="groupModAllT3" prob=".2"/>
        <item group="groupModAllT3" loot_prob_template="QLTemplateT3"/>


    This is an example of about 20 occurrences where an entry tries to reference a loot_prob_template ... but instead points to a quality template which does not return a probability value at all but returns a quality value of 1-6.


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