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    Since Alpha 13 this is the strangest bug, I ever ran into and it was quite comical, so I can’t even be mad about it… at first.


    I logged into my solo game and went outside my base, to get on my gyro, which was last parked in front of my base.  It was gone.  It wasn’t showing up on my compass, or my map; it was like I didn’t even have one.  I jumped in my truck and drove around to find it.  I drove through multiple cities where I have been, with no success, then came back home.  Then I remembered that when I last used it it was to retrieve a supply drop, that was only 530 meters away from my base, within the forest.  I jumped back in my truck and drove off road, in roughly the same path that I flew.  After about 300 meters my truck goes completely silent.  Then, within a fraction of a second, I’m in the air on my gyro, heading the opposite direction, back to base.  I thought… hmm.  I landed and then thought “now where’s my truck??” Then I heard it.  I saw my truck driving, by itself, on the other side of the street from my base.  At first, I thought somebody gained access to my inaccessible private, solo game and was messing with me (even checked the roster and saw that I was the only one in my game) because my truck literally started coming directly toward me, from about 100 meters away.  The truck then turned a sharp left, on its own, and went straight for the fence.  It hit the fence, head on, and was stuck, with the throttle going.  I jumped off my gyro, with the intention of running over to my truck, but the second I dismounted I was immediately teleported to my truck, only I was standing on it and was stuck.  I couldn’t move, couldn’t jump off, etc.  The truck was still throttling into the fence, while I was glitching in an up and down motion.  I was able to interact with it but couldn’t drive it.  It only opened the mod attachment menu; there were no other menu options, so I quit the game and logged back in.


    Everything seemed fine, so I parked my truck back into my garage, then jumped on my gyro to go looting.  After I arrived at my destination, I noticed something that I didn’t catch after logging in… my toolbelt is empty… no weapons.  I have nothing equipped.  No matter what I switched to I had empty hands.  I quit the game completely and verified the integrity of my game files.  I logged back in and still have an empty toolbelt.


    I thought the incident with my vehicles was rather comical, which is why I’m not even mad about it but I am definitely upset about my weapons being gone.  It’s not like I can just get new weapons.  These weapons were GOOD.  For example: my compound crossbow did over around 400 damage – I don’t even remember how I got it.  All other level 6 compound crossbows I found were more than 300 damage less than the one I had.  The same goes with all my other weapons… never found an equal since I had them.  I want my weapons back!


    In case somebody asks, no, I do not play with developer/admin/cheat mode enabled, so I did not spawn my weapons in... I play the game as it was meant to be played and felt that I got very lucky acquiring my weapons.


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