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  • E key no longer works with memory cannot be expanded error

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    verified files and folders, happened twice (last 2 games)  first on my own dedicated server and second on a public dedicated server  both RWG maps.. it seems it is not map related   there is a file that hits its max.. and then your done.. yo8u can still play.. the game.. you can shoot things..  but your E key no longer works.. remapping E key does not help.  verifying files and folders does not help.  this never used to happen so i suspect it is the latest version (i use experimental). on rejoin the server  the error is gone (and your backed up  a bit in game time) .. till you do something.. a few seconds.. then u get the same memorry cannot be expanded error.  As before u can do anything in game.. except interact with e key.  which makes the game unplayable..   so this happened to me 2x  every7d2dbug.jpg.b3e5d8b9c367b1e5714a5f55166e194e.jpg7d2dbug.jpg.b3e5d8b9c367b1e5714a5f55166e194e.jpgtime so far i have played with this latest version.. and it only happens after many many hours and having built a massive fortress so much time and effort invested!


    what a frigging messhow do i undo this image insertion?   i have 48G memory.. why issnt my memory stream expandable?


    also the game works fine.. if i  join a new game..  or create a new game (till it gets too big and errors out)  but if i try to join this latest game or the prior game, any game that has previously errored out.. i get the same error..  so everything works.. till something gets too big.. then my e key quits working with this memory stream is not expandable error..  so what you can play 100  hours then your game e key becomes non functional cus a file got too big?  this is worst time to find out  you cant play the game ..


    i opened 7daystodie.gc.log  (cus i cant paste it here) and all that was in the log was "

    Unexpected mark stack overflow



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