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  • Drone Duplication & Perk

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    While In Debug Menu, if you tell a Drone to stay then teleport away there is a chance the Drone will duplicate. I have had this happen on several occasions and the inventory also duplicates.


    I also lost both drones completely so I crafted 2 more but it will only allow me to Drop one Drone. try resetting and deleting drone.data but still Only allows me to drop 1 drone.


    The first time I activated Robotis Expert  I had to log off and back on in order to use it


    I did respect at some point and may have had drone out at the time not thinking to pick them up so I can't 100% be sure that the last 2 issues are not connected could very well be I glitched my profile by having 2 drones out then using the respect (Grandpa's forgetting elixir).



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