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  • There might be issues with questing mechanics...

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    I do not posses enough intel to compile proper bug report (since I dont understand it enough), so bear with me and help gather some info. Its definitely in the game but is quite obscure. Its more of a FYI post to get people aware and help understand it.


    All that knowledge comes from playing tonn of dedicated servers (mostly vanilla or vanilla with balance changes). So if you can, test it on dedi first, just to understand what exactly causes it. It likely has nothing to do with client game settings.


    1) if you cancel choosing of reward (by pressing ESC while being offered reward choices) you can take next quest. Thing is, Fetch and Burried supplies quests tend to bug out if you've got any quest of the same type you are awaiting rewards for. But sometimes it doesn't. My current guess is that you shouldn't be stacking two quests of the same type in a row. Otherwise it bugs out.

    What are bug out scenarios for it?


    1.1) quest can become completed after you just started it (MAY BE it has something to do with what type of quest you've finished (don't know if you have to take rewards) last on other trader, OR it may have something to with inner IDs of quest-supplies)

    1.2) it can mark supplies as found (you will not have any marks on fetch; on BS you will not have the circle AND quest info will be saying that you need to find supplies at the location of last BS quest (so, the pointer to container object points to previous container), while still requiring you dont leave the area) and once you blindly find and open quest-supplies container, there will be none (opening it on Fetch does nothing, but you cant complete; opening on BS instantly fails quest)

    I have yet to understand how to reliably cause any of those two.

    So there definitely something wrong with world object/item pointers.


    How did I find those? Well, Im a fan of intelligence quest-reward perk (which gives extra choises and double item reward on perk level 4), so I tend to constantly stack quests to get more explosives and molotovs early on. Thats a good snowball thing. Also on high tiers I dont wanna flood my inventory with something Im gonna kleptomaniacally stack until I have a tonn of stuff to sell and proper food&potions.


    2) while viewing UI menu of accepting quest from item (may be not just item), any crafted item (may be just the first one?) disappears after finished crafting,

    I noticed it while playing it on a server with "White River – Tools of Citizenship" mod which allows you to craft quest giving items and use, say, multiple in a row (though if you have multiple pending for completion, all but the last one go NO TRADER upon completion and you are unable to finish it). 

    I did question my sanity on vanilla servers with in A18 or A19, but item quests are quite rare in vanilla if you play on low loot abundancy.


    So to confirm it, you just need to get quest giving items... Its not "pop quest prompt right before craft finishes" or anything. Works with 2-5 seconds (may be more; didnt really feel like testing) to go easily.


    offtopic: also, doesnt anyone else feel like if inventory size isnt default, closing shop browser with perk-leveling menu does cause game console to go mad..? Cant tell if it doesnt have to do anything with inventory size though.


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