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  • Radiated on Tier 1 Day 1

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    I post this just to let you know. I don't know if it's a bug or not but on the House_old_bungalow_07, I got a wightradiated.

    it's the game but I look the entitygroups.xml and I notice this :

    <entitygroup name="ZombieSpecialInfectedGroupGS1"> (...) <entity name="zombieWightRadiated" prob="0.1"/></entitygroup>


    <entitygroup name="ZombieSpecialInfectedGroupGS50"> (...) <entity name="zombieWightRadiated" prob="0"/></entitygroup>

    That mean if I'm GS50, I will not see radiated but in GS1 yes ?

    Normal or miss value on xml ?


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