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  • Magnum/Hunting Rifle reloading bug (read below for details)

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    Game Version: A20.2 Stable

    Platform: Steam

    OBS/Version: (Windows

    CPU Model: Intel i7 9700k

    System Memory: 32 GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: nVidia RTX 2080

    Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1440

    Video Settings: Custom (mostly High/Ultra/Ultra+)

    Game Mode: SP


    Did you wipe old saves? Yes

    Did you start a new game? Yes

    Did you validate your files? Yes

    Are you using any mods? No

    EAC on or off? Off


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: Firing the hunting rifle or magnum, pressing "R" to reload the firearm, and then switching to an adjacent toolbelt slot automatically reloads the gun, shown when you switch back to it.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


    1) Spawn in a magnum and hunting rifle alongside some appropriate ammo. Note: Tests for each gun must be performed separately.


    2) Fire the gun. Press "R" to reload the firearm.


    3) Before the reload animation is complete, switch to the adjacent toolbelt slot. (Ex. If the gun is on toolbelt slot 2, switch to slots 1 or 3. Switching to a toolbelt slot that is not adjacent to the firearm will result in this bug not being replicated.)


    4) Switch back to your firearm. If you followed the steps correctly, the gun should be reloaded.


    Actual result: Firearm is reloading itself even though you've switch to another item on your toolbelt.


    Expected result: Switching to another item on your toolbelt should cancel the reload animation should cancel the reloading process entirely.


    Note: I've only tested this on the magnum, hunting rifle, M60 and the lever action rifle. The latter two guns are subject to this glitch, while the former two are. As such, further testing will be needed.


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