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  • switchview console command no longer works.

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    What happens?

    Neither sv nor switchview will work from the console.  The permissions are set correctly, I do not get a "denied" error, or an "unknown command" error, it appears to process but the view simply does not toggle.  Switching to 3rd person DOES work when debugging mode is enabled, and you hit f5 or hold down the left alt and scrolling my mouse wheel, but whether debug mode is on or off the console command simply does nothing.  


    What did I expect?

    Ideally, the console command would pop the user into 3rd person mode outside of debugging mode, and they could then use L-alt Mouse wheel to adjust the zoom.  This would allow me to give players who get motion sick access to 3rd person on my server without ALSO giving them access to God mode, Flight, and all the other powers that come with debug mode.  I really like the granular permission control the console commands offer and I hope this change wasn't by design because the current dm interface make the console commands "unneeded".


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