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  • Generator missing engines, fuel, and wiring after login. Inconsistent.

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    I have had an issue appear twice now where upon logging into my saved game my generator is not working. I can't recall what I was doing before I logged out but I know I didn't mess with my electrical system that session besides flipping switches and turning lights off manually. I'd try to recreate, but I have no desire to keep restarting my game lmao. 


    I always Alt-F4 the game when I'm done. I always log out at my home base that has a land claim block. 


    The generator had 2 engines and nearly full tank of gas. All wires were disconnected. It is oriented to be standing on its' side.


    I probably wont check on this post again, but just wanted to do my part.


    Thanks Devs! ❤️

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