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  • Distant terrain algorithm created a ledge/corner on high terrain

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    7dtd seems so have a problem with generating the distant terrain height on maps with an adjusted heightmap set to higher levels (height).
    The distant terrain then renders about 1 to 2 block to high, generating a visible corner where the terrain goes into distant terrain.
    It starts showing lightly at 140 terrain height and ist strongly visible at 185 height.
    The bug is visible on local single player as well as in a dedicated linux multiplayer server.

    Though I use the map generator KingGen in this example, I don't think the bug is related to an external program.


    I've tested this with a map generated with KingGen on a terrain height of 42 > no bug visible
    KingGen on terrain height 185 > bug is visible


    Default 7dtd map generator height about 42 average > no bug visible


    Default 7dtd map generator with adjusted height to average 185 > bug is visible


    I used this process to adjust the heightmap but as said I think this has something to do with the algoritm how the distant terrain is generated, not the level data:
    I deleted
    - dtm_processed.raw
    - splat3_processed.png
    - splat4_processed.png
    and generated a heightmap.png (8bit) from dtm.raw with KinGen.
    I adjusted the heightmap.png in Photoshop with Image > Adjustments > Levels
    Setting the lower value of the Output Levels to 150.
    Saved the heightmap.png and converted to dtm.raw.


    I've created a zip-file with a screenshot of the bug (screenshot_bug.png), the 7dtd generated map without the bug and the map with adjusted height map and visible bug:


    The 7dtd steam installation was validated, a new game was created for every test.
    I've created around 20 maps with different programs and parameters and the bug always shows when the terrain average height is getting relatively high (>140).
    This also isn't the first alpha to show this bug. I'm generating terrains with this height as I like to create big mines, so that's how I found this bug.


    Please inform me, if you need further information.
    Thank you!


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