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  • Can't interact with land claim block

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    I'm in A20 and I placed a land claim block.  I accidently hit it with a hammer but was able to repair it to 100%.  I wanted to activate the visible border lines and I can't interact with it.  I press my default key of "E" and nothing happens.  It shows the land claim block at 100%.  I even went as far as destroying to place another.  Same thing.  I included a screenshot of what I see when I hover over the land claim block.  I went as far as even removing the 4 mods I was running and restarting the game then loading up my saved game.  Same thing.

    I loaded up an earlier game I started with A20 using the "Navezgane" map and that seemed to work okay.  I was able to interact with the land claim block.  So it may be my randomly generated world that's giving me problems.

    I will try to create another randomly created world to see if continues but wanted to throw this bug report out there.



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