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  • Same rewards for joining second player in a peer-to-peer game.

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    Bug Description: There is a tendency for the second player who joined a peer-to-peer game to very often being offered the same tier 4 and 5 mission rewards.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:


    1) Host a peer-to-peer game. Invite someone to your hosted game.

    2) Play with that same person until you reach tier 4 and tier 5 missions in that game from the same trader.

    3) Do tier 4 and tier 5 missions, and when comes the time for that person that joined your game to receive his/her mission reward, notice how often he/she is being offered the same reward very often over and over again for tier 4 and tier 5 mission completion, from the same trader that gave these missions.


    Actual result: The second joining player in the hosted peer-to-peer game, will get a trend for receiving the same rewards, over and over again, when completing tier 4 and tier 5 missions.


    Expected result: The second player in question will very often (75% of the time at least), be offered the same mission reward over and over again, especially from tier 4 and tier 5 mission, from the same trader.


    Personnal example: The second player in my peer-to-peer game, is being offered very often a level 4 steel mace from tier 4 mission as for his rewards. We have noticed this issue occuring around 30 to 40 times so far in the same game. For his character, he has put 5/5 skills in Pummel Pete perk in that game, so I don't know if there could be a link to this bug. We also noticed this bug to occur in several of our games, even before in Alpha 19 it was happening.

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